8 Jan 2009

Ice Skating at Mandalay Bay

Alicia posted the following message at our MUVEnation Moodle forum:

Do you want to have some fun while trying a new activity and practicing your camera skills? Then head off to the Ice Skating Rink and experience skating a wonderland of ice forests, tunnels and castles. Visit the Ice Skate Rink at Mandala Bay http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mandalay%20Bay/243/200/24. Buy the free skates at the vendor and try one of the animations for single and couple ice skating.
So I decided to check it out and as she said it was great fun. Check the following:

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TSmith said...

Angelina - Terry here from your Chestnut group. Very nice ice skating video! I didn't realize those movements were available for your avatar. Talk to you soon.


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