8 Nov 2008

C। Do you see yourself as a pioneer? Do you think you are more innovative than others in your organisation? Do you think your organisation is lagging behind? Tell us how you feel about this.

In a certain way, I can consider myself as a pioneer because I like trying new digital tools with my students and I am open to change. At the moment, I am working with some students who need reinforcement in some curriculum topics and they are using Wikis to record their work and progress.
In my opinion, it is very important to use Web 2.0 as a way of helping students to develop competences that will be required in the 21st century, in our knowledge society as it is dominated by digital technologies.
Quite often the problem is that our schools don’t have the required infrastructures, equipments or resources to promote an active, digital learning with our students.
It is urgent to create the necessary conditions in schools and also train teachers to use these Web 2.0 tools and MUVESs (for instance, the computers at school don’t have the requirements to run SL. I have to use my personal PC when I want to work with it) in the most effective pedagogical way.

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