9 Nov 2008

The Story of my first steps in Second Life

Please share here your stories about your first hours if life in Second Life। Reflect on your experience: How would you describe your first steps? What were the technical issues, if any? What did you feel about the avatar you chose? What was orientation island like? Could you find help as needed? Where did you go? Did you speak to other avatars? What would improve the experience, if anything? What previous knowledge and skills helped you?

My first hours of life in Second Life

After creating my account I was directed to the Orientation Island where I learnt the basic skills of navigating in SL, though I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping to have more information than the one provided.
Then I explored some landmarks. I met some avatars who gave me information on the way SL worked.
The avatar I chose was the professional woman. I would like to change it but I didn’t know how. Fortunately, in Vestibular Brasil I met an avatar with whom I talk about this issue and he gave me the shape, skin and hair that I’m wearing and explained to me how I could get free stuff inworld.
One of my favourite places is Shakespeare company. There I met some avatars who loved reading and the idea of creating a reading group arouse. The Bibliophiles Anonymous was born but my main problem is getting time to read for pleasure...
I think that one of the most positive aspects of SL is the fact that most avatars are friendly and helpful. However, SL should be more friendly user because it can be difficult to understand instructions in a foreign language and it is worse if you aren’t familiar with language programming, scripts, and so on.
In my opinion, there should be a kind of SL for educational purposes under the philosophy of Moodle. It should be opensource, free and with no need of language programming. For instance, in your inventory, you would have objects that you could edit easily as a chair with a pose and so on. At the moment, that’s one of the difficulties I feel. I was lent a space to train but I have difficulties in creating objects like a new floor, walls, and so on, so I hope to learn that from our activities inworld.


anna said...

"I think that one of the most positive aspects of SL is the fact that most avatars are friendly and helpful"

I definitively agree with you. Sometimes I would like people to be so friendly and helpful in RL too. Will it stay so, or will it became more RL-like with the years and the increase of population?

MS said...

Good question, Anna! I'd like to be positive and think that in SL residents will continue to be nice and, by the way, thanks with the box tag and in dealing with Jack Sparrow ;)

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